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How Pakistan will qualify in semifinal

After India lost the match against England it's very difficult situation for the Pakistan to reach in semi final but still they can enter into semi final if the following combination begin. One situation family time out from the world cup semi final race. Now let see what are those situation in which Pakistan can enter into semi final.

1) Pakistan England versus New Zealand match is very crucial if England lose this match then only Pakistan have their live hope of to reach into semi final

2) Pakistan needs to win their last match against Bangladesh

3) one situation is that if Pakistan lose their last match then also they will out from the race of semi England and Pakistan lose their last matchboth England and Pakistan lose their last match then also Pakistan will be out from the race of semifinal.

India vs England match was very crucial for the Pakistan point of view . It was the match in which fan of both the nation's were supporting India to win this match . But all was not well after the match as England beat India by 31 Runs.

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