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7 Athletes Who Didn't Actually Like Their Chosen Sports

ou would expect that achieving the top dimension of a pro game would require monstrous enthusiasm for the game, yet that isn't generally the situation. 

Numerous competitors have turned out to be uncontrollably effective in spite of their lack of interest, or altogether scorn, of the game that made them renowned. Here are the absolute most eminent ones. 

Benoit Assou-Ekotto 


When we examined composing this article at Balls HQ, the principal name that unavoidably popped was Benoit Assou-Ekotto. The Cameroonian is maybe the main player on the planet who turned out to be all the more notable for his detachment towards the game than really playing it. 

He produced a good profession, going through nine years at Spurs (in spite of the fact that he was sparingly utilized for the last 50% of that spell) and gaining 24 global tops. 

He was not modest about communicating the face he was not a football fan, revealing to The Guardian during a meeting in 2010: 

For what reason did I come here? For an occupation. A profession is just 10, 15 years. It's just a vocation. Truly, it's a decent, great job and I don't state that I detest football however it's not my energy. 

I touch base in the first part of the day at the preparation ground at 10.30 and I begin to be proficient. I complete at one o'clock and I don't play football a short time later. When I am grinding away, I carry out my responsibility 100%. 

Be that as it may, after, I resemble a visitor in London. I have my Oyster card and I take the cylinder. I eat. 

It's stupendous work in the event that you can get it I assume. 

Patrick Horgan 

While he doesn't exactly fall into the class of having no enthusiasm for his picked game, Cork thrower Patrick Horgan conceded he doesn't generally think about what occurs in the game outside of his local region. 

Addressing Balls not long ago, he uncovered that he wouldn't be one to plunk down watching rounds of throwing that he himself isn't associated with: 

I'm not intrigued except if it's something to do with Cork... 

Everybody is unique however I simply find when I'm far from preparing and flinging I simply need to accomplish something different. Call into my mams and play with the nephews. A few fellas love watching it yet I don't. 

It removes a lot from the day to watch different recreations when you're simply subsequent to returning from preparing. I'd be a major throwing fan however in some cases you simply put such a great amount of energy into it, you need a break from it. I simply do my own thing. 

Gabriel Batistuta 

A standout amongst the most famous players of the 1990's, Argentine genius Gabriel Batistuta was not too intrigued by football. While he would score a shocking 54 objectives in 77 matches for Argentina, he was known to totally maintain a strategic distance from the game outside of his expert life. 

He once broadly said "I don't care for football, it is only my calling", yet he would discover one game he was energetic about towards the finish of his profession. 

In a 2010 meeting with FourFourTwo Batistuta waxed expressive about his genuine love: polo. Indeed, the one with the steeds. 

Back home in Reconquista, I have a slow down for polo ponies and my own group called La Gloria Polo Team. We wear purple shirts and an identification like Fiorentina's, where I played for a long time. La Gloria has partaken in a few rivalries and we're developing and setting up ourselves gradually... 

I feel some weight from the supporters when I play polo, since they request objectives, mirroring my football vocation. In any case, to be completely forthright, I have no clue about how to do that appropriately in this game. The posts don't have a crossbar! 

Be that as it may, I'm similarly as requesting as I was as a football player – I need to succeed and win. 

Andre Agassi 

The best tennis player of his age, Andre Agassi despised the game. He uncovered in his 2009 personal history: 

I play tennis professionally despite the fact that I abhor tennis, loathe it with a dim and mystery energy and dependably have... 

He likewise contrasted playing tennis with isolation: 

In tennis you're on an island. Of the considerable number of diversions people play, tennis is the nearest to isolation. 

Conceived in Las Vegas, Agassi was a tennis wonder at a youthful age. His dad used to truck him around to extravagant inns on the Vegas strip where he would play rich representatives for a huge number of dollars at once. He would frequently toss the main set, so as to hustle them out of significantly more cash. 

The weight he was put under by his dad is accepted to have contributed vigorously to his contempt of the game sometime down the road. 

Stephen Ireland 

Stephen Ireland might be best associated with the scandalous 'granny entryway', yet the player has additionally transparently confessed to disdaining football before. 

As we have all done at one phase in our adolescents, this would be uncovered in a lamentable Bebo post in 2007. 

Football is poop, for what reason did I stall out doin it? 

While he could never play for Ireland again, he is still actually an expert footballer. His vocation never came to anyplace close to the statures his initial structure recommended it would in any case, and he left Bolton following a couple of months in 2018 without having shown up for the club. 

Brock Lesnar 

You can discuss whether expert wrestling is really a game, however it shows up Brock Lesnar isn't a fan. Regardless of being one of the greatest names in the business, he had this to state about the WWE in the wake of leaving in 2004: 

I sensed that I was a caught creature. I can recollect times being on a plane and needing to punch the entryway open and hop out of the plane. 

That is the thing that I had a feeling that… I tell Vince (McMahon) right up 'til today, 'I was worked to be in the ring. I wasn't worked to get from ring to ring.' 

Obviously, Lesnar would come back to the organization after a fruitful spell in the UFC, however his appearances keep on being of an exceptionally sporadic nature, proposing his assessments might not have changed such much. 

Bobby Zamora 

Regardless of being the subject of one of the best serenades ever of game, Bobby Zamora doesn't really like football. He has not been reluctant to concede that he saw the game simply as an occupation, something that enabled him to utilize his physical blessings to acquire huge measures of cash. 

I'm not a monstrous football fan, truly. A considerable amount a larger number of players than let on are the equivalent. 

I don't watch diversions on a night or anything like that. Many individuals think that its weird.

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