Shahid Afridi responds after Kapil Dev rejects Shoaib Akhtar's concept

Shahid Afridi responds after Kapil Dev rejects Shoaib Akhtar's concept of Indo-Pak arrangement to raise assets for COVID-19 alleviation 

Pakistan's incredible all-rounder, Shahid Afridi, supported his previous colleague Shoaib Akhtar in his verbal double with Kapil Dev. Prior, Akhtar recommended a reciprocal arrangement among India and Pakistan to raise assets for COVID-19 alleviation. 

In any case, the previous Indian commander lashed out at Akhtar by guaranteeing that India has enough cash to give alleviation to their nation and would not require any arrangement with Pakistan to raise reserves. 

Further, Dev referenced that players' security couldn't be undermined to raise reserves. To which, Akhtar countered by expressing that possibly Kapil needn't bother with the cash however every other person. 

"I don't think Kapil Bhai comprehended what I was attempting to state. Everybody will be caught monetarily. This is an ideal opportunity to really concentrate and produce incomes," Akhtar answered. 

At that point, Afridi participated in the discussion by enrolling his failure on Dev's remarks for Akhtar's proposal. 

"Shoaib Akhtar said something positive for mankind. I'm stunned at Kapil Dev's answer to him as I've seen recordings from India where individuals are taking nourishment from the trash and eating it. While I regard him, Kapil shouldn't have said what he did," Afridi remarked by Pakpassion. 

India and Pakistan haven't bolted horns against one another in a respective apparatus since Pakistan's voyage through India in 2012. 

From that point forward, the most outstanding adversaries have just met during high-octane ICC occasions, for example, the ODI and T20 World Cup, alongside Champions Trophy. Additionally, the two nations went head to head against one another in the Asia Cup. 

PCB prior sued BCCI for not complying with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which directed India to participate in two-sided ties in the middle of 2014-2023. 

BCCI likewise would not permit its players to visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2020, refering to safety efforts. Accordingly, the competition was pushed to the unbiased grounds of UAE.

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