Best & Top Bowlers In ODI Cricket

The historical backdrop of one-day restricted overs cricket is a rich one. 

Since the organization's commencement in the mid 1970s, the 50-over game has developed to turn into a significantly famous cricketing field, giving a limitlessly energizing stage to the world's most prominent performers. 

While ODIs have by and large been viewed as a batsman's space, bowlers—especially in the game's developmental years—have immensy affected the game's history. 

In any case, who are the best ODI bowlers ever? 

To take a gander at this dispassionately, we can inspect the ICC's unsurpassed player evaluations to look at which bowlers have arrived at the most noteworthy pinnacles. 

Nonetheless, this technique has its disadvantages; most quite that it to some degree favors those that have appreciated times of unbelievable, yet unexpected splendor over the individuals who have performed reliably over protracted stretches of time. 

Additionally important is that this technique will in general kindness those from past ages, given the predominance of batsmen in restricted overs cricket from the earliest starting point of the 21st century. 

So right away, here are the best ODI bowlers dependent on the ICC's untouched player evaluations.

10. Michael Holding

Team: West Indies

ODI Career Span: 1976-1987

ODI Wickets: 142

ODI Bowling Average: 21.36

Career Best Rating: 875

9. Curtly Ambrose

Team: West Indies

ODI Career Span: 1988-2000

ODI Wickets: 225

ODI Bowling Average: 24.12

Career Best Rating: 877

8. Malcolm Marshall

Team: West Indies

ODI Career Span: 1980-1992

ODI Wickets: 157

ODI Bowling Average: 26.96

Career Best Rating: 891

7. Dennis Lillee

Team: Australia

ODI Career Span: 1972-1983

ODI Wickets: 103

ODI Bowling Average: 20.82

Career Best Rating: 891

6. Ewen Chatfield

Team: New Zealand

ODI Career Span: 1979-1989

ODI Wickets: 140

ODI Bowling Average: 25.84

Career Best Rating: 892

5. Glenn McGrath

Team: Australia

ODI Career Span: 1993-2007

ODI Wickets: 381

ODI Bowling Average: 22.02

Career Best Rating: 903

4. Muttiah Muralitharan

Team: Sri Lanka

ODI Career Span: 1993-2011

ODI Wickets: 534

ODI Bowling Average: 23.08

Career Best Rating: 913

3. Shaun Pollock

Team: South Africa

ODI Career Span: 1996-2008

ODI Wickets: 393

ODI Bowling Average: 24.50

Career Best Rating: 917

2. Sir Richard Hadlee

Team: New Zealand

ODI Career Span: 1973-1990

ODI Wickets: 158

ODI Bowling Average: 21.56

Career Best Rating: 923

1. Joel Garner

Team: West Indies

ODI Career Span: 1977-1987

ODI Wickets: 146

ODI Bowling Average: 18.84

Career Best Rating: 940