Has anyone from India ever won money by betting on betway & finally recieved it in bank account?

Indeed, it is conceivable. Despite the fact that a great many people lose in games wagering, there are a few bettors that can make a benefit and get it in their account (by neteller or Skrills). Betway needs to pay the individuals who make a benefit and pursue the standards. 

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Antony Joseph

Antony Joseph, I was a member of bet betway for 2 years, a good and genuine betting site.


Yes I have made initial deposit 3350 Rs. From this I had won 32000/- in bets and used to get transferred to my bank account, but they used to deduct tax from our indian bank, from betway no tax if you withdraw once in a month.....all was going fine, from the past one year our banks have blocked all my credit and debit card which trancats on betway site, iam finding difficult to deposit the betting amount again.
betway is very honest in their transaction. I never had problem with them. If you are smart enough youcan milk money on this site. 

  Problem is with our indian government,  they have permitted horse racing in India but online betting they have made illegal.

  So. Iam also searching ways and means to start again betting through betway.
  Money Wallet Neteller has problem too for india I guess.
If you come across any solution to deposit money on online betting, keep me informed.


Nikhilesh Rathore

Nikhilesh Rathore, Sports fixer, exp.Cricket tipper, Tennis tipper, Fixer king



yeah I have done it and won 8k from it....from India there is only one way i.e. e wallet ...what u have to do is open an account on netteler e wallet and verify it...now deposit your money...and now from your betway account go to deposite option chose option netteler deposite....min amount is 1k and now bet if u win...or somehow get money...n u wanna withdraw.....go again with d same procedure of deposite...through netteler and now....from netteler you need at least 1.4k to withdraw...n now fill up d details of your account....this wallet provides a link that makes you to bet from India...now your RBI will not interfere in d policy of e wallet netteler....cz it is private safe and secure for Indian users....but they cut 1.9% as their commission of d amount u wanna withdraw....this is how u operate and withdraw from India.



Pavithrajith P S

Pavithrajith P S



i won almost 45lakh indian rupee..

but greedy makes a man begger..i spent 35000 rupess in 2months but i dint get a single peny.. finaly i put 50000ruppes for last time that time was my luck started with in 6days perday i played 48 games i recived 45lakh in my Bank account but i was planning for a big jackpot 1cr .


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