sports betting : Fact you must know before make a bet

Sports Betting – it’s not dry and monotonous work, sharpened for making a profit. In the betting industry a lot of very interesting events occur frequently. Sometimes bookmakers offer their players a fantastic bet which may not be related to sports. The most amazing thing is that these rates are often advantageous. Here are some true stories with real people.

1. The recognized world leader in betting business is the United Kingdom. First bookmakers appeared here in the 19th century, and now the annual turnover of the business more than 14 billion pounds. England has the largest number of bets receiving points. Most of the British prefer to bet on Christmas Eve. The fact is that the most popular bet is not related to sport or even politics, its related to…. weather, people make bets on what the weather will be in the first day of the winter holidays.

2. One of the biggest benefits from the bet in the history of betting was held in 1994. Littlewood tote paid to the winner 2.9 million English pounds. If you try to transfer this amount in the current monetary value, it will increase by several times.

3. Before the beginning of the third millennium, the bookmakers started taking bets on the End of the World. Conversations about it there were a lot, so there were many enthusiasts who are interested in betting on this event. British bookmakers taken bets on Millennium Christmas of 2000 that it will be the last day for mankind, with the odds 1 in 10 million.

4. When in the family of the famous soccer player, former captain David Beckham, born a son, bookmakers reaction was not long in coming. Offices began to offer betting on the fact that Brooklyn Beckham will go by the footsteps of his father and play for England. Bids were accepted by a factor of 1000. Brooklyn is already 15 years old, but he has no progress in soccer at all. So all gamblers who has made this bet is doomed to lose it.