3 star cricketers who were spotted smoking

Cricket is a game which is broadly pursued, regarded and cherished by numerous individuals over the globe. Cricketers are regarded and venerated in numerous nations. On the off chance that players speak to their nation - in any organization of the diversion, hopeful cricketers and enthusiasts of the amusement admire those players for motivation. 

As individuals who might be viewed as good examples by numerous adolescents following the diversion, particularly for the wellness measures kept up by global cricketers, occurrences of star cricketers seen in open smoking or drinking isn't something that is uncommon. 

In an ongoing occurrence, Hardik Pandya was seen smoking in Mahendra Singh Dhoni's significant other Sakshi's birthday party. Star cricketers getting seen smoking in open is something that has occurred in the past also. 

Here's taking a gander at the occasions where star cricketers have been seen smoking out in the open: 

Ian Botham

One of the unbelievable all-rounders to have played the diversion, Ian Botham was known to be a smoker who never concealed the propensity. He was known to puff one preceding and here and there amid the diversion. 

Shane WarneThe Australian legend was known to have issues with wellness amid his time with the group. Warne grasped the smoking society and there were numerous events when he was spotted with a smoke in his grasp. 

Shane Warne's ostentatiousness didn't remove any of his aptitudes. He had confidence in living without limit and playing to his best capacities. 

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is a skilled cricketer. Nobody can question his ability with the bat. He has excited gatherings of people and keeps on doing as such with his assaulting style of batting. He's a finished performer who has re-imagined the specialty of six hitting, before even the approach of T20 cricket. 

Chris Gayle is known to have been spotted smoking and drinking in broad daylight. Some may ascribe it to the overwhelming identity of the 'Universe Boss'