15 living cricketers who have battled with cancer

Richie Benaud, the previous Australian chief and amazing observer, was determined to have malignant growth as of late. Yuvraj Singh, Graeme Pollock and Michael Clarke are a portion of different cricketers who have combat the sickness effectively. Nishad Pai Vaidya records 15 cricketers who have either been relieved or are right now experiencing malignant growth. 

1. Richie Benaud: The previous Australia commander and incredible reporter, Richie Benaud was determined to have skin malignant growth in 2014. Benaud is a standout amongst the most prominent analysts and fans would miss him while he is away for treatment. 

2. Martin Crowe: Arguably New Zealand's most prominent batsman ever, Martin Crowe reported in 2012 that he had lymphoma. This was a little more than a year after he staggered the world by reporting his aims of making a rebound to First-Class cricket. Crowe recuperated from this session, and came back to open life. Be that as it may, two years down the line, the infection reemerged. 

3. John Emburey: The previous England spinner experienced a medical procedure on his brow in 2014 to evacuate a tumor. Emburey said the disease was caused because of the presentation to the sun amid his playing days. 

4. Graeme Pollock: The unbelievable South African batsman was determined to have colorectal malignancy in 2013. He was effectively treated, however the expenses negatively affected his accounts. After a year, it was uncovered that he attempted to pay the home loans for his home. 

5. Clive Rice: South Africa's first universal captain post politically-sanctioned racial segregation harmed his leg, which prompted the discovery of a protuberance in his thigh. He experienced medical procedure in 2013 and beat the infection. 

6. Hanif Mohammad: The first 'Little Master' was worked for liver disease in London in July 2013. Luckily, the malady was analyzed early and the treatment was effective. 

7. Robin Jackman: Robin Jackman was determined to have disease in 2012. The tumor was around his vocal harmonies and he needed to experience a medical procedure pursued by a couple of radiotherapy sessions. The previous England quick bowler came back to critique in 2013. 

8. Yuvraj Singh: The southpaw was the toast of the country when India lifted the 2011 ICC World Cup. A long way from the open glare, Yuvraj endured and fought an obscure disease. Months after the fact, he was determined to have malignant growth and went to the United States of America in mid 2012 for treatment. Soon thereafter, he made a noteworthy rebound in universal cricket as he included in the ICC World T20 2012. 

9. Michael Clarke: In 2006, youthful Michael Clarke has an alarm. Two fixes all over were recognized and were said to be minor instances of skin malignant growth. Clarke was treated for it and continued playing moving along without any more issues. He did anyway wear the floppy cap from that point to get more security for his face. 

10.Matthew Wade: Unlike the others in this rundown, Wade was burdened with disease even before he turned into an expert cricketer. At 16 years old, he was hit in the crotch amid a round of football. It was because of that crack damage that the specialists found testicular malignant growth. Swim was effectively treated for it and proceeded to play for Australia in 2011. 

11.Geoffrey Boycott: The previous England batsman was determined to have throat disease in 2003, amid India's voyage through England. Blacklist was a customary face in the discourse box, however the infection constrained him to take a year's break. In the interim, he needed to suffer 35 radiotherapy sessions. After a year, he was back in the critique box and hasn't thought back since. 

12. John Edrich: The previous England batsman was allowed just seven years to live when he was determined to have leukemia in 2000. Edrich affirmed 12 years after the fact that he was relieved of the feared malady. 

13. Dave Callaghan: As a youthful cricketer, South African Dave Callaghan was approaching graphing a way to universal cricket. Be that as it may, his arrangements were misled track when he was determined to have testicular malignancy in 1991. Callaghan battled the malady and a year down the line, he made his introduction for the Proteas. 

14. Jai Prakash Yadav: The Railways all-rounder's story is very like Callaghan's. Jai Prakash Yadav was 21 years of age when a tumor was found in his stomach. Yadav was solicited to experience seven sessions from chemotherapy. Be that as it may, after three were done, he went for a camp and was picked for the Madhya Pradesh group. Luckily, he recuperated and played a couple of One-Day Internationals (ODIs) for India from 2002 to 2005. 

15. Simon O'Donnell: The Australian every single rounder wa a piece of the 1987 World Cup squad that secured the title. In any case, he combat fears of malignancy as two bumps were recognized in his ribs. Following Australia's triumph, he experienced treatment for the non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He was back playing for Australia a year down the line.