Is it legal to bet online in India on sites like Betfair and Bet365?

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All things considered, in fact it's NOT lawful cash in India. Give Me a chance to clarify you why and how; 

I'm an Indian, I do it. What's more, I do it securely. 

Prior between 2005s bet365 accepted SBI Visas, but at this point, no outside wagering locales acknowledge any cards from India and different nations where wagering isn't allowed/illegal(Doing so would be considered as Money Laundering). 

All cards(Visa, RuPay, Amex, MC, Visa Electron, Discovery, and so on) have grouping numbers i.e; beginning from digits, 4304 XXXX, 4708 XXXX, 4054 XXXX, etc. Here, the cards are confirmed itself relying upon their arrangement numbers and recognized concerning where they have a place with, even which bank is it related with and the class of the card. 

For instance, Visa cards with succession 4101 XXXX is a NatWest Bank Platinum class charge card for UK, Visa cards with grouping 4207 XXXX is a Barclays Platinum class Credit card for UK. Essentially, MasterCard cards with arrangement 5497 XXXX is a Citi Bank Platinum class check card for India, Visa cards with succession 4304 XXXX is a Citi Bank Signature class Mastercard for India. 

Right off the bat, for MasterCard cards, Payment entryways DO NOT acknowledge exchanges, yet accomplish for UK cards. This implies, on the off chance that you hold a MasterCard and might want to utilize it at vendors like Neteller, it SHOULD be enrolled in the UK. While giving card subtleties, the dealer will recognize the cards' geographic area and comprehend it in the underlying stage whether they can acknowledge installments from this card or no. 

Thus, here Neteller or some other remote shipper/installment portal perceives the card and procedures the exchange accordingly(this is the initial step of security). 

In India, as of late, because of new rules in regards to Black Money and Money Laundering act from RBI and deceitful exchanges, installment entryways DO NOT process installments to or from India except if RBI is educated about this settlement. As, RBI will additionally give endorsement for this exchange to happen, that too ONE TIME and just if it's a VALID one. 

Neteller is a trader and Optimal Payments PLC is the installment portal for Neteller who will take cash from you and hand it over to Neteller. For instance, When you attempt to pay vendors like Neteller, it has nothing to do at all about which card you use or where you are from, yet the installment doors like Paysafe Group PLC won't process this exchange for Neteller by you. Since dealers and installment portals work independently. 

Where dealers simply take installments for their administration and bill their individual installment entryways for the sum, installment portals process the exchanges simply in the wake of agreeing by the principles and arrangements with worldwide managing an account system(RBI, BOUS, and so forth) and installment organize system(VBV, 3D secure, and so forth). Along these lines, Neteller may take your card subtleties and even spare it in their records, however when you endeavor to do the installment, the installment door may not process it. 

What's more, when you enquire about the exchange with respect to why it turned out poorly from the shipper or your bank, neither of them will give you this clarification. Vendor will request that you contact your bank, wherein your bank will request to contact the shipper. When you enquire with the bank, the bank further researches about the exchange to deal with this for you and ends up mindful that such exchanges SHOULDN'T be prepared, in this way hindering the exchange way for all time in their frameworks or requesting that you abstain from such exchanges, as they discover that fluid sum is leaving THE COUNTRY(alert of which goes to RBI too). Same goes for withdrawal when fluid cash enters nation. 

For reasons unknown, or in case you're fortunate that day and the installment from your card gets be prepared, after that you have to 'Approve' your card. 

For more data and to do wager securely